House concert includes works by Macbride

The Belery Duo and the A/B Duo perform new works, Saturday, October 28, 2017, 3 PM:

Concert program in no particular order, all 20th and 21st century compositions. Also Meerenai of the A/B duo plays a contrabass flute which is completely worth mentioning because how often do we get to see/hear one of those beauties.

Belery Duo –

From the Air by Laurie Anderson arr. Belery
Free Trade 2 by David Macbride
My Funny Valentine by Rodgers and Hartt arr. Belery
A/B Duo –

Ricochet by Ned McGowan
Seriously by Meerenai Shim
Building by Ken Ueno
Team up
Flowering in the Park by David Macbride
Blurred by Bill Ryan

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