The New York Times, November 28, 1993
“Mr. Macbride achieves a remarkable balance of technical rigor and free spirited invention . . . Composers Recordings has done justice to a distinctive voice in American Music.”
-Alex Ross

The Boston Globe, April 9, 1996
“David Macbride’s ‘Split’ (1995) . . . [Its] aesthetic could have been that of a Saul Steinberg drawing or a Harold LLoyd silent-movie set piece: inventive, astonishing, precisionist and not at all self-indulgent.”
-Richard Buell

The New York Times, February 22, 1996
“David Macbride’s ‘Shape Notes’ for flute and percussion is a fetching work steeped in the Far East. Sultry flute lines buffeted by meter-smashing yet delicate rhythms produced by hand drums, wood blocks and brass pots.”
-Anthony Tommasini

The San Francisco Chronicle, November 15, 1990
“David Macbride’s ‘Three Dances’ for string quartet . . . Written in 1987, this 30-minute score bristles with a a profusion of music ideas . . .”-Joshua Kosman

The Buffalo Times
“‘Quiet’ by David Macbride . . . You had to see ‘Quiet’ to enjoy it, for these drummers, circling their drums, beating sticks against each other’s sticks, gave it animal gesture. This was not a subtle piece, and its auditory delight was a little limited. It had a kind of dramatic, even natural sense. Its final rain of rim shots was perfectly followed by a thunder of skins.”
-Thomas Putnam

The New York Times, August 23, 2001
“‘Timing,’ for two percussionists, introduced by its soft-spoken composer, David Macbride. The work was inspired, he said, by listening to his baby’s heartbeat in utero (about 150 beats a minute) alongside his wife’s (about half of that). ‘Timing’ is a sound portrait of their shared existence. To the mix of percussion instruments Mr. Macbride adds a kitchen timer ticking away, amplified just enough to be audible, representing the gestation period. The beguiling music alternates soft rumblings on the drums, played with bare hands and fingers, with pummeled outbursts produced by sticks, and a wondrously delicated myriad of sounds from tin plates, glass dishes and rattles. After the final flourish on the drums, the fine percussionists, Evan House and Mr. Trigg, held their arns frozen in place as everyone waited for the timer to run out. ‘Clink’ went the bell and the piece was over.”
-Anthony Tommasini

The New York Times, August 29, 2014

DAVID MACBRIDE: ‘A Special Light’ David Macbride, composer, pianist and percussionist(Innova) The composer David Macbride explores his Chinese heritage in this disc, which opens with the serene and reflective “A Special Light” for piano and glockenspiel. The oboist Stuart Breczinski vividly conveys a range of enigmatic moods and textures in “Ave Maris Stella”; the cellist Bryan Hayslett is the energetic soloist in two works for soloist and prerecorded cello tracks. (Vivian Schweitzer)