A Special LightDavid Macbride: A Special Light
Innova 886:

A Special Light (2003)
David Macbride, piano; Benjamin Toth, glockenspiel

Percussion Park: Conversing (2009)
Benjamin Toth, cuica; David Macbride, lion’s roar


KlungKlung: Gene Koshinski, Percussion
Equilibrium (EQ 91):

Klung (opening) (2006) 
Tim Broscious, Gene Koshinski, Bill Solomon – percussionists

Staying the Course (opening) (2006) 
Gene Koshinski, percussion


TROY472cover-150David Macbride: A Composer’s Journey with the Poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca
Albany Records (TROY 472):

El Regreso (1999)
Christine Schadeberg, soprano; Christopher Oldfather, piano

Night (Suite for Piano and Poet’s Voice) (1993)
Fredric Moses, baritone; David Macbride, piano with percussion; Benjamin Toth, percussion


David MacbrideDavid Macbride
Composers Recordings, Inc. (CRI 640):

Three Dances (1987)
The Aurora String Quartet


Conundrum - the Percussion Music of David Macbride featuring Benjamin TothConundrum: The Percussion Music of David Macbride featuring Benjamin Toth
Innova Recordings (#535):

Timing (1991)
Benjamin Toth & Ed Fast, percussion


In Common - Duets by David MacbrideIn Common: Duets by David Macbride
Innova Recordings (#586):

From Without (Conundrum 2) (1998)
David Macbride, prepared piano; Benjamin Toth, timbrack

Shadow (1993)
John Solum and Richard Wyton, baroque flutes


No Mas Muertes! (No More Deaths!) (2007)
Alturas Duo:  Carlos Boltes, viola; Scott Hill, guitar; with David Macbride, narrator